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This gallery will be a partial grouping of a huge digital series originating with a lone digital photo of one of my large wall mixed media sculptures, which incorporated real spoons and which was based on my spontaneous hand drawn artless design, "cups". As I purposefully try not to place a design in more than one gallery, some of the designs of forest cups series are in other galleries. Linked only by historical origin, the forest cup family of designs can differ radically. Join me in openness to the ongoing creative energies of these affectionately named DYNAMICOFs. COMMISSIONS: Please contact me to agree on unique, one-of-a-kind MIXED MEDIA sculptures using any of the designs purchased from this galley in a solid wood, metal, or acrylic format at a reduced, custom, unlisted digital price as a starting point. At a minimum, the completed mixed media handmade size will measure approximately 14 in x 16 in x 3 in and will involve cutting or otherwise altering the digital portion of the constructed artwork. I will be glad to upload more designs of this huge series, upon request. Most of my designs have never been uploaded. You are also welcome to visit my photostream and my website, Thank you, In-Wonder.

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